Established in 1964, Portion Meats has been serving and supplying the Greater Northeast with the finest quality meats for 55 years.  When purchasing our raw material, we are committed to buying only the highest grades of beef so we can provide to you, our valued customer; a consistent, high quality product.  We take very seriously our brands reputation and each day our production room is run with the expertise to uphold that reputation.  We follow a rigid HACCP program and are proud to be inspected daily by the USDA.  By following and upholding federal guidelines and procedures, we are confident our products are of superior quality and deserve your trust.

Our success depends on our customers; success.  That is why we are never content to rest on out laurels and we continually test our products.  Periodically we will hold “employee lunches”.  All of us will take part in a taste test of the product that is being produced on that day.  The information collected at these lunches has been invaluable and it keeps everyone in the building interested and involved.

You are welcomed to browse through our website.  Along with our famous “King & Queen” Brand Burgers and Shaved Steak we also cut and stock N.Y. Sirloin Steaks and will cut to order for any function you are running.  We also have many other provisions including french fries, chicken tenders, eggplant, onion rings and much more.